Via San Maurilio


Photos: Max Pescio
Project: Arch. Dimitri Martino, Arch. Martina Rodi

Via San Maurilio
Interior Renovation

In the heart of Milan, in one of the most ancient streets, the renovation aimed to respect the building’s original XVII century structure. The floors were covered in Italian herringbone oak parquet while the faux-ceilings were demolished in order to re-discover the apartment’s original heights. The windows were decorated with wooden molded frames. 
The dining room is enlightened by a double-swing-arched portal covered by a hand painted wallpaper which was thought and implemented by our clients, allowing them to include details and features that make it one of a kind. Multiple details of the house carry and highlight the owners’ identity – as they are originally from Rome, the countertop in the kitchen was made of Travertine Marble. 
The choice of including pieces of furniture coming from Design Auctions and Markets, was aligned with their desire to have a sustainable and environmentally friendly home.